Ways To Take Trick Photos – Learn How To Take Photos That Will Impress Your Friends

There are all kinds of ways to take trick photos. If you’ve run out of ideas, or can’t seem to learn to take photographs that you want to, here are 5 tips that might help you.

5 Ways To Take Trick Photos


1. Be Prepared.  This one isn’t exactly a technique, it’s more like a mindset.  If you’re like me you probably see photo opportunities all the time.  And you probably also say things like, “That would have made a really great picture”.  The problem with would have is that it means you weren’t ready to get that shot.  If you want to get more ways to take trick photos, you need to have your camera on you and be ready to capture the moment as it happens.

2. Toss It.  Don’t do this with your expensive dslr, but using the timer function and tossing your camera in the air is a good way to get shots from an angle that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  You can get really creative with this.  Chances are you’ll have to do a lot throwing before you get it right, but if you have some patience it will pay off eventually.

3. Throw An Object.  Take a chair, for example.  If you just take a picture of a chair then that’s not exactly trick photography.  But if you get a picture of a chair that looks like it’s sitting on the ground, even though it’s 5 feet in the air, all of a sudden you have a trick photo.  The key is to make sure that you get a shot of the chair when it is perfectly vertical.  As soon as it looks like it’s leaning, the illusion is ruined and the picture loses its effect.

4. Use the Timer.  If you’re taking a shot that requires a long exposure and you want to have a crisp image, sometimes even the act of pushing the button to take the shot will cause enough movement to blur your photo.  To avoid that, you can use the timer to release the trigger, even while you’re hand holding the camera.

5. iPhone App.  Yes, these actually exist.  You can get an app for your iPhone that allows you to remotely trigger your camera.  That should open up a whole new world of possibilities.  Not only can you be somewhere else when the picture is taken, you can decided exactly at which point in time your image is captured.

Taking cool pictures is a lot in the imagination.  There are often subtle differences that can turn a regular photograph into something that makes people look twice.  With these ways to take trick photos, I hope you have added a few weapons to your arsenal for capturing those trick shots.

Happy shooting.

Trick Photography Techniques – Shooting in Low Light without a Tripod

Trick Photography Techniques

We all know that using low lighting, which is one of the best trick photography techniques, provides the opportunity for some really cool photographs.  Problem is that shooting in low light is a tough thing to do.  Of course if you have a tripod that can keep your camera perfectly still then you’re a long way ahead of the game, but the fact is, who carries a tripod around with them?  I know I don’t.  So for all of the times when you have the chance to capture a great image here are some things you can try to stabilize your camera without a tripod.

3 Trick Photography Techniques


1. Set it down.  Admittedly this isn’t always possible, but if you can get the framing you want by setting the camera either on the ground or some other kind of solid object, that is obviously your first choice.  Use whatever you have on you to try to stabilize the camera body.  A jacket can work well, or even a water bottle.  Basically you can make use of whatever you have with you. Trick photography techniques sometimes aren’t about being fancy.

2. Grab onto something.  If you can’t set the camera down and have to hand hold it, you will want to find something solid and try to attach yourself to that thing as well as you can.  It might be a tree, or a lamp post, or a bus stop sign.  Whatever the case, try to lean your body, or wrap yourself around that object in such a way that you steady yourself as much as possible.

If you can pull the camera tight to you, you will find that it becomes much easier to hold it steady that if you are holding it out in the middle of thin air.  The more you can make that camera an extension of you, the easier it will be to keep it from moving.

So try to grab on to or lean against something really solid, and then bring your camera as tight to your body as you can.  And don’t get discouraged if this one of the trick photography techniques doesn’t work the first time.  Chances are you will have to play around a bit before you get things just like you want them.

3. Use the timer.  Even if you manage to hold the camera perfectly still while the shutter is open, there is still the problem of camera shake or movement at the time that you press the shutter.  It takes an incredibly sure and still finger to press the release button without moving the rest of the camera in any way.

Because of that, one of the ways to cheat is to simply use the self timer.  Most cameras allow you to set it for 2 or 10 secs.  In this case 2 seconds is all that we need to get ready for the shutter to open.

Using the timer will take away the tension you would otherwise feel with having to keep the camera steady while you pushed the release button, and that will help you keep things more still throughout the rest of the shot as well.  Hope these trick photography techniques have helped.

Happy shooting.


Trick Photography Techniques – Forced Perspective

One of the best and simplest trick photography techniques out there is that known as forced perspective.  This is a very powerful digital photography technique and is even used in major Hollywood movies.  The general principle is that in the frame of your photo, objects in the foreground appear to be much larger than those in the background.  By aligning those objects in particular ways, one can make it look like a car can fit in a person’s hand, etc.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when trying this kind of trick photography.

Tips for Trick Photography Techniques

1. Give yourself lots of time.  This isn’t something that should be rushed or stressed.  You will have to play around with the position of your subjects quite a bit in order to create the kind of optical illusion that you’re after.  Not having adequate time set aside to accomplish that task is a sure recipe for disaster.

2. Figure out your Framing.  One of the keys to using these photo techniques is to ensure that you have the right framing.  For example, if you are trying to make a person look large and a building look small, you will need to make sure that the building doesn’t fill up too much of the frame.  That means you’ll need to be far enough away from the building that it only fills up part of the picture you’re going to take.

3. Context is Important.  Take advantage of the fact that you get to choose what is actually shown in the photograph.  For instance, your illusion will almost certainly depend on not showing certain parts of a scene since showing them would ruin the very illusion that you’re trying to create.

I hope that these photography tricks and techniques have been helpful.  All of the photo tips in the world can’t replace just getting out there and experimenting yourself with your own camera.  Photography tutorials are useful, but at the end of the day you are going to have to go out, make some mistakes, and find your own way into taking a picture that takes advantage of the forced perspective principle and other trick photography techniques.

Remember that it’s all about creating the illusion of a vast amount of space.  The concept is used in architecture, so you’re dealing with something that has been around for a while.  Even the Romans would make their columns smaller at the top to give the illusion that they were taller.

One last thing to remember is that your will want to use an F-stop that’s high enough to put all of your subjects in focus.  Just how high will depend on the distance between your subjects, but having one subject out of focus will ruin the illusion that you’re trying to create.

Have fun and experiment and I’m sure you’ll come up with your own mind blowing photographs using these trick photography techniques.

p.s. here’s a little sample of the kinds of cool things you can do..

Trick Photography Techniques

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