Trick Photography Examples from Copenhagen Fotomessen

Trick photography examples are popping up more and more places.  For instance, I was at the Copenhagen photomessen the other day.  There were a bunch of photographs on display from various photographers around the world, although mostly from Scandinavia. I didn’t get the name of this artist, but there were two photos that really jumped out at me.  I’m pretty sure this is a good example of trick photography with photoshop but even so they’re super cool.

Trick Photography Examples

So here they are.. Impressive or what?

Trick Photography

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Trick Photography With Photoshop – Is It Cheating?

Trick photography with photoshop or trick photography without photoshop?  That is the question.  While I can understand the argument that using photoshop is kinda like cheating when you’re making trick photos, at the same time it’s kinda like cheating with a huge bazooka when everyone else is using slingshots.  I mean of course there are some awesome photos done using forced perspective and other trick photography techniques, but the power of photoshop cannot be ignored.

Trick Photography With Photoshop – Why You Can’t Ignore It!

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be a purist when it comes to “cheating” with photoshop when doing trick photography.

1. Layers.  You see in some ways photoshop can be used to simplify the kind of shot that could also be done manually, so it is basically used as a time saver.  Take the image below:

Trick Photography With Photoshop

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Trick Photography Examples That Are Super Cool

Here’s a little collection of trick photography examples that I thought I would share with you all.  I really enjoy looking at a photo that makes me look twice, and that to me is exactly what trick photography is all about.  It’s that split second where your brain goes “Um.. how exactly did they do that?”.  Sometimes it’s photoshop, but I’m even more impressed when it’s done using other kinds of trick photography techniques.  Having said that some of the coolest looking pictures that I’ve even seen have been done using trick photography techniques with photoshop.

Disclaimer: Just to be up front, these trick photography examples are not my photos.  I’ve included the source of the photo when I’ve been able to find it cause I think it’s important that people who do cool work get credit for it. If you find your picture here and would rather I not share it with the world, then please let me know and I will happily remove it.

4 Amazing Trick Photography Examples

Ok, here’s the first one..

Trick Photography Examples Levitation

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