Trick Photography Pictures

Trick Photography Pictures

I’d imagine if you’re looking for trick photography pictures you want to see some actual pictures, so here’s a collection of some of my favourites from that Trick Photography and Special Effects book I bought about a month ago.

For those of you who are following me, I still fully intend to make my own trick photos and share them with you on this blog so that you have an idea of what a regular Joe can do with this book and a camera.

But of course life isn’t always full of tons of free time, especially around Christmas, so my plans have been delayed a bit.

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Trick Photography Book – Let’s See What It Can Do

So I found this trick photography book online the other day.  It looks pretty amazing.  The photos on the sales page are pretty mind blowing.

And even the lighting and stuff looks really professional (at least to my hobby photographer eye).  It’s written by some guy named Evan Sharboneau.  He’s not very old and doesn’t have any kind of official photography education.

Far as I can tell there are a bunch of trick photography techniques in there, and I think there are also a bunch of video tutorials, which is really nice for photoshop stuff.  I’m pretty green when it comes to photoshop, but if I could choose between learning from a video and learning from reading, I would take the video any day of the week. Continue reading Trick Photography Book – Let’s See What It Can Do

Trick Photography Examples – Here Is One I Took Using Digital Photography

Trick Photography Examples

I’m not sure if this is a very good example of trick photography.  I took this in the forest on a recent outing with my wife.  We are quite in to digital photography and are always up for more photo tips.

It took a lot of jumping to get this one right.  I’m still not convinced that it looks exactly like I wanted, but it’s pretty close.  What I was aiming for was the illusion that i’m standing in mid air, looking back at someone walking down the path toward me, and getting ready to run away from that person.  It’s up to you to judge how well I accomplished that goal.

I’m quite impressed by really good levitation photos, which I consider some of the more impressive trick photography examples, although I wouldn’t consider this to be one of them.  The thing is that you need to make it look like you’re floating or hanging in mid air.  This is done through body positioning and the expression on your face.  Mess up on either of these two and the picture just won’t look very good.

To me it seems like the best strategy is to get your body into a position where it doesn’t reasonably seem like there is any other way for you to get back down to the ground, except for by falling.  And the other important thing is to catch yourself while you’re jumping up.  If it looks like you’re falling and on your way back down (i.e. your hair is flying up or your clothes are lifted too high) then our minds will immediately realize that the person has jumped, and that doesn’t make for any kind of trick photo.

I’ve looked at a lot of photography websites and there doesn’t seem to be  a whole bunch dedicated to trick photography, or with a lot of trick photography examples. Please leave a comment and let me know where I might be able to find more  and go here to find out more about trick photography and special effects.

Trick Photography Examples – How Imagination Is Your Best Friend

I found this on Facebook the other day and just wanted to share it with you all.  Talk about some cool trick photography examples. Just goes to show that a lot of times trick photography comes from the imagination.

Just look at how one location was used to make so many different cool pictures.

Anyway, it was very inspiring and I just wanted to let you all see it too.  Click on the photo to see it on Facebook.

Trick Photography Examples

Image source:  EL PAÍS digital

Ways To Take Trick Photos – Learn How To Take Photos That Will Impress Your Friends

There are all kinds of ways to take trick photos. If you’ve run out of ideas, or can’t seem to learn to take photographs that you want to, here are 5 tips that might help you.

5 Ways To Take Trick Photos


1. Be Prepared.  This one isn’t exactly a technique, it’s more like a mindset.  If you’re like me you probably see photo opportunities all the time.  And you probably also say things like, “That would have made a really great picture”.  The problem with would have is that it means you weren’t ready to get that shot.  If you want to get more ways to take trick photos, you need to have your camera on you and be ready to capture the moment as it happens.

2. Toss It.  Don’t do this with your expensive dslr, but using the timer function and tossing your camera in the air is a good way to get shots from an angle that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.  You can get really creative with this.  Chances are you’ll have to do a lot throwing before you get it right, but if you have some patience it will pay off eventually.

3. Throw An Object.  Take a chair, for example.  If you just take a picture of a chair then that’s not exactly trick photography.  But if you get a picture of a chair that looks like it’s sitting on the ground, even though it’s 5 feet in the air, all of a sudden you have a trick photo.  The key is to make sure that you get a shot of the chair when it is perfectly vertical.  As soon as it looks like it’s leaning, the illusion is ruined and the picture loses its effect.

4. Use the Timer.  If you’re taking a shot that requires a long exposure and you want to have a crisp image, sometimes even the act of pushing the button to take the shot will cause enough movement to blur your photo.  To avoid that, you can use the timer to release the trigger, even while you’re hand holding the camera.

5. iPhone App.  Yes, these actually exist.  You can get an app for your iPhone that allows you to remotely trigger your camera.  That should open up a whole new world of possibilities.  Not only can you be somewhere else when the picture is taken, you can decided exactly at which point in time your image is captured.

Taking cool pictures is a lot in the imagination.  There are often subtle differences that can turn a regular photograph into something that makes people look twice.  With these ways to take trick photos, I hope you have added a few weapons to your arsenal for capturing those trick shots.

Happy shooting.