Trick Photography Examples from Copenhagen Fotomessen

Trick photography examples are popping up more and more places.  For instance, I was at the Copenhagen photomessen the other day.  There were a bunch of photographs on display from various photographers around the world, although mostly from Scandinavia. I didn’t get the name of this artist, but there were two photos that really jumped out at me.  I’m pretty sure this is a good example of trick photography with photoshop but even so they’re super cool.

Trick Photography Examples

So here they are.. Impressive or what?

Trick Photography

Sorry for the quality of the photo but I just took them with my iPhone.  Now there are a whole bunch of things I love about this shot.  First of all it’s the same girl, so we have some multiplicity going on, unless we’re dealing with identical twins.  Then there’s the depth in the photo.  The girl in the frame on the wall is further into the room then the girl who’s trying to keep the apple from hitting her in the face.

How cool is it that, in addition to the girl stuck to the wall, there is also fruit floating in the room?  Note that the flash is the flash from my phone, so that’s not supposed to be a part of this trick photo. Sorry for rambling but look at the shadows.  Each girl has two shadows, so the artist was obviously using two light sources.  The shadows really add depth to the image and help make it all seem so real.


Trick Photography

I personally don’t think this one of the trick photography examples is as good as the first one.  To me it was more impressive that the girl was standing on the wall than that she is just hanging in mid air.  There are less shadows and basically less details in this shot, which I think also makes it less impressive. But having said that I still love the shot.  Just as a piece of are the lighting is really nice.  And the blue hair with the yellow socks is kinda of out there, in a good kinda way.

What I really wanted to talk about though was the idea that trick photography seems to be getting more into the mainstream.  You can see that when a photographer who has their photos in exhibitions is using trick photography techniques, then trick photography is a legitimate way to separate yourself from the crowd.  It’s an attention grabber, and something that not everyone can just do.  I mean cameras are getting to the point now that they’re so good that anyone can take a high quality digital photograph.  If you have the money to fork out for a 5d mark iii or the new Nikon, and throw a nice lens on there, you’re gonna be able to take pictures that look really good.

What this exhibition showed me is that there’s a lot more to taking a good photograph than having a great camera.  There’s coming up with the idea, and then being able to execute it in a way that makes it all seem very real.  If there was any indication that photoshop had been used in either of those two images, they wouldn’t have impressed me at all.

Anyway, let me know what you think of these photos.  And if you know of any other good places online to find good trick photography examples, please write a comment.

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