Trick Photography Examples That Are Super Cool

Here’s a little collection of trick photography examples that I thought I would share with you all.  I really enjoy looking at a photo that makes me look twice, and that to me is exactly what trick photography is all about.  It’s that split second where your brain goes “Um.. how exactly did they do that?”.  Sometimes it’s photoshop, but I’m even more impressed when it’s done using other kinds of trick photography techniques.  Having said that some of the coolest looking pictures that I’ve even seen have been done using trick photography techniques with photoshop.

Disclaimer: Just to be up front, these trick photography examples are not my photos.  I’ve included the source of the photo when I’ve been able to find it cause I think it’s important that people who do cool work get credit for it. If you find your picture here and would rather I not share it with the world, then please let me know and I will happily remove it.

4 Amazing Trick Photography Examples

Ok, here’s the first one..

Trick Photography Examples Levitation

This lady is a genius when it comes to levitation photos.  What she is so good at is making it seem like she’s floating in the air.  Anybody can take a picture of someone jumping, and it can look pretty cool.  You could look at that kind of picture and think, “Wow, that looks awesome!” but you would never think, “I wonder if that person jumped, or was dropped, or actually floated up from the ground?”.  Those are the kinds of questions that good trick photos will get you to ask.  Go check out her site if you like levitation photos.


Trick Photography Examples


This one I like because, well, it shows people being the trunk of  a tree.  Obviously this is trick photography with photoshop but it’s so well done that it’s still really cool.  I mean it almost looks like a painting to me.  The way the arms sort of dissolve in the branches and leaves is done really well.  And other than the techniques used I love the idea, which is of course half the battle when  you’re talking about cool trick photography examples.  First you have to have the idea of what you want and then you need to have the skills to produce it.


Trick Photography Examples


This is done using a technique called transparent screen, which I discuss in another blog post.  What makes this shot so unique and impressive is that it has so much subtle detail.  I mean check out the reflection of the bike wheel in the wood floor, and the pattern of the material that makes up the seat of the chair.  As far as trick photography examples go, this one blows me away because it’s done so precisely.  Everything lines up so perfectly that it looks like, well, you can see right through the computer screen.

Trick Photography Examples


And then there’s this one.  Looks like the kind of thing you’d see on a movie poster, or some kind of professionally made photography.  There are so many cool elements going on it’s hard to find a place to start.  But I think what I like best about it is the light trails.  The model also has a good look, and the lightning in general is pretty mind blowing.  Would you be surprised that you can learn how to take these kinds of trick photography examples?  It’s really not as hard as it looks.

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